Saudi Arabia’s Line City: An Innovative Urban Oasis

Get ready to be amazed. We’re going deep into Saudi Arabia, exploring its most daring project yet, the incredible Line City. This city of the future, part of the Neom initiative, will push the limits of urban design. Let’s explore the groundbreaking Saudi giga project that’s changing the landscape in the Red Sea development area.

Picture a city redefined. The The Line will be a 106-mile-long linear metropolis in Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk Province. It challenges traditional city setups, aiming to be a self-sustaining paradise. This futuristic Saudi city is at the core of Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia’s plan to make its mark as a top smart city project globally.

The architectural plan for The Line is both massive and daring. It will look like two 656-foot-wide (200-meter-wide) skyscrapers side by side, each reaching 1,640 feet (500 meters) into the sky. Taller than many buildings today. This linear city concept will spread through the desert, creating a sustainable urban development the world hasn’t seen before.

Key Takeaways

  • Saudi Arabia’s Line City is an innovative, futuristic urban oasis part of the Neom megaproject.
  • The Line is designed as a 106-mile-long linear metropolis with parallel skyscrapers up to 1,640 feet tall.
  • The city is envisioned as a self-sustaining, carbon-neutral community as part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan.
  • The Line aims to revolutionize urban design and positioning Saudi Arabia as a global smart city project.
  • The project’s ambitious scale and environmental focus have sparked both excitement and skepticism.

Saudi Arabia’s Audacious Vision

The Line is part of the Neom Project. It was launched in 2017 as a key initiative of the Saudi Vision 2030 plan. This project is focused on the Northwest area of Saudi Arabia. It includes plans for a network of airports and the world’s largest green energy plant.

This region aims to be so self-sufficient that it’s called a “country within a country.” Here, people will be known as “Neomians,” not “Saudis.”

Introducing Neom: The $500 Billion Futuristic City Project

“NEOM will be a place for all people from across the globe to make their mark on the world in creative and innovative ways. NEOM remains one of the most important projects of Saudi Vision 2030, and our commitment to delivering The Line on behalf of the nation remains resolute,” said Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in a July 25, 2022 press release.

The Line: A 106-Mile Linear Metropolis Within Neom

The Line, within the Neom Project, is a futuristic city-state. It’s being created in Saudi Arabia’s Tabuk province, near Jordan and Egypt borders. Designed as a 106-mile-long, 656-foot-wide city, it will be home to up to 9 million people.

It aims to set a new standard for living in the desert, embracing sustainability.

neom city

saudi arabia line city

The saudi arabia line city, known simply as “The Line,” is the core idea behind Neom city. It’s a huge step forward in architecture and city planning, spanning 106 miles in northwestern Saudi Arabia. This unique city model focuses on a futuristic and sustainable way of living.

Design and Architecture of The Line

Designed with a width of just 656 feet, The Line will be very tall to fit everything in. It will have a high-speed train across the whole 106 miles but no cars. Everything will be powered by clean energy.

Sustainable Living in the Desert

The Line is part of Neom, a massive project in Saudi Arabia creating a sustainable city-state. Its goal is to be the biggest carbon-free place on Earth, using a lot of solar and wind energy.

saudi arabia line city

An Engineering Marvel

The saudi arabia line city is emerging as a true wonder. It’s being called a “one-building vertical city.” The Line plans to accommodate nine million people in its high, mirror-covered structure. This project is more than a home; it’s a stage for new urban features and advanced ways to get around.

Vertical Layering of Urban Amenities

The neom city project is setting a new tone. It will pack various needed services and fun things vertically into The Line. From green parks to fancy eateries, even an artificial moon, this place will be like no other. Folding so much into one building will rethink what sustainable urban development means.

Transportation Solutions for a Linear City

A city like The Line has its transport challenges. But the smart city project has cool ideas to keep people moving. There are talks of a fast rail and drones as taxis to cover the 106 miles of neom city. This city is big on walking and cycling, aiming for a car-free, eco-friendly future.

Seamless Integration of Technology

Exploring the visionary saudi arabia line city project unveils cutting-edge technology. This neom city already ditches fossil-fueled vehicles. Now, people walk, cycle, or use efficient public transport easily. They find everything they need, like medical help, schools, and parks, within a quick five-minute walk.

This smart city project works hard for a clean environment. The neom city uses only renewable energy from the sun, wind, and advanced green hydrogen. Plus, it’s teeming with AI that makes living better by predicting what people need.

seamless integration of technology

The saudi giga project of the line is all about high-tech. It brings technology together smoothly, making it more efficient, earth-friendly, and enjoyable. Step into the future where saudi vision 2030 turns into a stunning reality of high tech and new opportunities.

Environmental Responsibility

Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of an exciting project called the saudi arabia line city. At its core is a huge effort to be green. This project is a world record breaker, aiming to be the “largest carbon-free system”. The whole plan is saving the planet by using solar and wind power.

Renewable Energy and Zero Emissions

The neom city will turn desert into a sustainable urban development. It’s about using cool eco tech to make oxygen and hydrogen from water. This high-tech way to create the line will set a big example. It will be a real smart city project without hurting the earth with fossil fuels.

Preserving Natural Resources

This high tech city will have areas to grow food. It’s about eating food from nearby that’s kind to earth. This shows how serious Saudi Arabia is to protect nature, like the red sea development. It’s a big step in their linear city concept.

environmental responsibility

But, some people are worried about this mega project’s green claims. They think building the saudi vision 2030 could still very much harm the planet and wildlife. As Saudi Arabia moves forward with neom, these worries must be dealt with. Only then can they truly be leaders in eco-friendly city building.

Vision 2030: Saudi Arabia’s Diversification Roadmap

The Line is key in Saudi Arabia’s big plan, Saudi Vision 2030. It aims to move the country away from just oil. This new saudi arabia line city could host 9 million people and bring 380,000 jobs. It might add $48 billion to the country’s earnings, making the saudi giga project very important for the economy.

Economic Benefits and Job Creation

The neom city and the idea of a linear city are more than just cool designs. They’re smart moves towards a better Saudi Arabia. Speaking about NEOM, Prince Salman said, “NEOM is one of the most important projects of saudi vision 2030, and The Line is proof that we’re serious about it.” This shows Saudi’s big dreams to lead in making smart cities globally. It also shows they want to do more than just rely on oil.

Key Economic IndicatorsProjected Impact
Jobs Created380,000
Contribution to GDP$48 billion
Projected Population9 million


The Neom project in Saudi Arabia is truly a spectacle. It’s called the Line City, and all eyes are on it. People are amazed by its plans yet unsure if it will succeed. This futuristic Saudi city aims to be a leader in sustainable urban development.

The first part of The Line should be done by 2030. Building the whole NEOM megaproject might last 50 years, though. Some doubt if it will work. They are worried it might not be as green as claimed. And the cost could be too high. Plus, the big buildings might not be good for the area around the Red Sea.

Despite doubts, Saudi Arabia is determined. They want to make The Line real as part of Vision 2030. The goal is to move away from just oil. And to become a tech and tourist destination. The world is waiting to see if this grand plan will work. Hopeful that the saudi arabia line city will be the tech urban oasis it claims to be.


What is the Neom project?

Neom is a 0 billion futuristic city-state in Saudi Arabia. It’s near the borders with Jordan and Egypt. It aims to reduce Saudi’s economy’s reliance on oil, part of the Saudi Vision 2030 plan.

What is The Line, and how is it part of the Neom project?

The Line is part of the Neom project. It’s a special city within Neom, shaped like two skyscrapers.These buildings are 106 miles long, 656 feet wide, and 1,640 feet high. This city will be an important part of the whole Neom project.

What are the key features of The Line?

It’s planned to be a city without cars or emissions. People will move around by walking, biking, or using public transport.The Line will have everything people need nearby, like doctors, places to have fun, and schools. It will also use only renewable energy, like solar power.

How many people will The Line be able to accommodate?

The Line will have room for up to 9 million people. This makes it a very crowded urban area.

What are the potential benefits and criticisms of The Line and the Neom project?

Supporters say The Line will make a lot of jobs and money for Saudi Arabia. They say it’s good for the economy.Yet, some people doubt if The Line can be built and used like its planners hope. They say it might harm the environment, especially the local wildlife.

When will The Line and the Neom project be completed?

The first part of The Line should be done by 2030. Finishing the entire Neom project could take 50 years.

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