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Deep in the heart of the Istrian peninsula in Croatia lies an extraordinary place. This tiny town named Hum is recognized as the smallest town in the world by the Guinness World Records. It has a mere 20 inhabitants. Stepping into Hum is like traveling back to its medieval origins. You’ll find fortified gates, stone houses, and the historic Church of St. Jerome.

Despite its size, Hum is rich in tradition. It holds a yearly mayoral election. Plus, local spirits like ‘biska’ and ‘ruda’ are a big part of its culture. The town is known for its serene tranquil charm, set among rolling hills and verdant forests. It’s a hidden gem in Croatia, waiting to be explored by visitors.

Key Takeaways

  • Hum, Croatia, is officially recognized by the Guinness World Records as the smallest town in the world, with a population of about 20.
  • Hum is a tiny town with a rich medieval history, evidenced by its fortified gates, stone houses, and the Church of St. Jerome.
  • Despite its small size, Hum is big on tradition, with the yearly election of the mayor and the local brandy, ‘biska’ and ‘ruda’.
  • The town’s tranquil charm, rolling hills, and verdant forests make it a captivating destination for those seeking to explore Croatia’s unassuming gems.
  • Hum is a microscopic habitation and a diminutive hamlet that challenges the notion of what it means to be a town.

Unveiling the Minuscule Marvel

Hum, Croatia, is officially the smallest town in the world. It has only about 20 residents. Hum’s tiny size hides a big history, rich culture, and stunning nature. When you visit, you step back in time to its medieval roots. You can see its old gates and stone homes that have lasted for centuries.

A Journey to the Microscopic Municipality

Visiting small towns and villages can be very interesting. Hum, with its 20 people, is unlike any other town. It’s peaceful and full of ancient charm. As you explore, you feel like you’re in a place untouched by time.

Hum, Croatia: The Official Guinness World Record Holder

Hum, Croatia, holds the title of the world’s smallest town. It’s in the beautiful Istrian peninsula. Guinness World Records has recognized Hum for its 20 citizens. It shows how special small places can be, hidden wonders waiting to be discovered.

microscopic habitations

Stepping Back in Time

Step into the heart of Hum, Croatia, and you’ll feel like you’ve time-traveled. This tiny town takes you back to its medieval beginnings. Known as the smallest town in the world, it shows the hidden beauty of small places.

The Medieval Origins of Hum

Hum was born in the medieval period, as a small village with strong walls. These remote settlements were built for protection from invaders. Its fortified gates today remind us of its ancient history, when such tiny villages were common.

Fortified Gates and Stone Houses

Inside Hum’s walls, ancient stone houses whisper tales of old times. The town’s layout tells the story of its past. It shows how generations of people lived in this diminutive hamlet, keeping its population size small but steady.

The Church of St. Jerome: A Historical Gem

Looking over the microscopic habitations of Hum is the Church of St. Jerome. It’s more than a building; it’s a historical gem representing the town’s past. The church invites you to explore the minuscule municipalities that defined this tiny town over the years.

minuscule municipalities

The Glagolitic Alley: A Tribute to Ancient Scripts

In Croatia, a beautiful spot catches the eye more than others. It’s the Glagolitic Alley, a 3-kilometer path from Hum to Roč. This way isn’t just pretty; it’s a tribute to the Glagolitic script, an old way of writing in Croatia.

A Scenic Path Connecting Hum to Roč

Walking the Glagolitic Alley reveals Croatia’s natural wonders. Rolling hills, lush forests, and peace fill the way. It’s a chance to dive into local history and culture.

Stone Monuments Celebrating the Glagolitic Script

This path is also like a live museum. Everywhere, you’ll find stone monuments honoring the Glagolitic script. Each one is a work of art, sharing the story of this unique writing.

By looking at the carvings and symbols, you connect with the past. It shows how small places have kept their culture alive.

Glagolitic Alley

The Alley celebrates Hum’s strong history. For those wanting to see Croatia’s hidden beauty, this walk is perfect. It combines nature and history in a very special way.

Traditions that Endure

In the tiny town of Hum, Croatia, small things matter a lot. The way they choose their mayor and their special brandy are really important. These show the strength and spirit of this place despite its microscopic habitations and minuscule municipalities.

The Unique Mayor Election Process

Hum is known for how it picks its mayor each year. People don’t vote like we do today. They etch marks on a wooden stick instead. This practice has been happening for a long time, showing Hum’s strong connection to its traditions. It also shows their choice to keep their ways, even as the world changes around them.

Local Brandy: A Taste of Hum’s Identity

‘Biska’ and ‘ruda’ are the names of the special brandy made in Hum. They use mistletoe and herbs to craft these spirits. Drinking them isn’t just a pleasant surprise; it’s also a way to feel close to this minuscule municipality and its long-standing practices. These unique drinks let you taste the soul of Hum, no matter if you’re in the tiny villages or the remote settlements.

Hum holds tight to its traditions, proving that big things come in small packages. Their one-of-a-kind way of choosing a mayor and their local brandies are great examples. This microscopic habitation highlights the power of tradition in a community.

Tranquility in a Tiny Package

Hum’s historical and cultural wonders are enchanting, but its calm setting is its real treasure. It’s surrounded by gentle hills and green forests. This little town brings a quiet peace with sounds of church bells and local tavern talk.

Rolling Hills and Verdant Forests

The beautiful countryside around Hum shows its simple way of life. Its rolling hills and green trees make a perfect view. They invite visitors to relax and enjoy the peaceful beauty of this quiet place.

The Peaceful Charm of Hum

With the world moving so fast, Hum is a peaceful escape. It’s the smallest town globally, and it’s a place to slow down. Here, you can enjoy the simple life surrounded by calming sounds and views.

microscopic habitations

What is the Smallest Town in the World?

Hum, Croatia, holds the title for the world’s smallest town. It’s recognized by the Guinness World Records. With just around 20 people living there, this microscopic municipality is a unique place. It stands out among the many remote settlements worldwide. These include minuscule municipalities and diminutive hamlets.

Hum: A Contender for the Title

Hum is the current record holder for the smallest town title. But the search for tiniest towns still goes on. Travelers and researchers seek out these unassuming gems. They look for places that challenge our ideas about what a town is.

Exploring Micro-Communities Around the Globe

Across Europe and Asia, the hunt for tiny towns is a big interest. These small places, like minute boroughs and miniature townships, draw attention. They show the huge variety in how people live. This exploration changes how we see communities.

Discovering the Unassuming Gems

Croatia is full of hidden treasures, waiting to be discovered. Beyond the popular spots like Split and Dubrovnik lies a secret world. Places like Hum are small but rich in history and culture. They offer a chance to see a side of the country that not many people visit.

Beyond the Beaten Path: Croatia’s Hidden Treasures

Leaving the busy tourist spots and exploring Croatia’s hidden corners can be eye-opening. It shows that the most memorable places may not be the biggest or most famous. Places such as Hum have a unique charm, drawing in those who are curious enough to look beyond the obvious.

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Croatia’s Hum may be known as the world’s smallest town, but it’s a big draw for visitors. This tiny place shows us that great things can be small. With a mix of history, culture, and beautiful nature, Hum is more than just its size.

If you want to see the special parts of Croatia, Hum is a must-see. Its old-world feel, unique ancient texts, and calm vibes make it unforgettable. This little town will surely make your trip unforgettable.

Next time you’re in Croatia, make sure to visit Hum. You’ll be charmed by its small wonders and the joy it brings. It’s a chance to see beauty in the unexpected places.


What is the smallest town in the world?

Hum, Croatia, is officially the smallest town in the world. It has about 20 residents.

What makes Hum, Croatia so unique?

Hum is very small but rich in tradition, history, and beauty. It has old walls, stone homes, and the Church of St. Jerome. The town is from medieval times. It also has a special way to elect a mayor and makes a unique brandy.

What can visitors expect to see and do in Hum?

In Hum, visitors can enjoy its medieval look. They can walk the Glagolitic Alley and see ancient stones. The town is very peaceful, with hills and forests all around.

Is Hum the only tiny town competing for the “Smallest Town in the World” title?

No, even though Hum has the Guinness World Record, there are more tiny towns to find. People still look for the smallest towns around the world.

How can I discover other unassuming gems like Hum in Croatia?

Use Voyagello, an AI travel guide, to find hidden places like Hum in Croatia. It gives tips and guides you to amazing places off the usual tracks.

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